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The YCombinator Alumni group is a private group for YC Alumni only, comprised of 2,000+ YC founders from around the world with an aggregate valuation of $100B. 

The group meets every to weeks to share their latest challenges and knowledge, and invite the most impressive tech founders in the world to join as special guests for the Off-The-Record Virtual Series


The YCombinator Alumni group holds private, off-the-record conversations with the most successful founders and influential VCs in the world.  The event host, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya and guest co-hosts, moderate a highly interactive conversation among the special guest and an intimate group of alumni. 


- Ben Horowitz, Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz & Founder @ Opsware [$1.6B+]
- Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder @ Cloudflare [$10B+]
- Ashton Kutcher, Partner @ Sound Ventures
- Alfred Lin, Sequoia Partner (COO, Zappos [$940M exit], Board member of AirBnB, Houzz & Doordash)
- Jennifer Hyman, CEO/Founder @ Rent The Runway [$1B+]
- Daphne Koller, Co-Founder @ Coursera [$1B+] & Co-Founder & CEO @ Insitro [$1B+]
- David Cancel, CEO/Founder @ Drift [$1B+]

See all past and upcoming guests here.