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Carmel Valley Ranch Activities


Friends & Leaders
Carmel Valley 

A few years ago I moved to beautiful Carmel Valley with my wife, Leslie. Since then, I've hosted many friends and fellow industry leaders from the communities I founded and/or belong to: Alumni Founders (3000 YC Alumni), TechstarsTop American Latinx Tech Leaders, MLT (Management Leadership for Tomorrow) & Orange Fund/DAO.


Given that there are so many awesome activities to choose from, I created this page to let my guests decide which one they would like to do. Feel free to check out the activities below and let me know here your preferred activities and the date that works best for you. 

Hope to see you soon! 

*If you'd like to stay overnight, Carmel Valley Ranch or Bernardus Lodge are two of my favorite options. 

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Alumni Founders (3000 YC Alumni) Day-Retreat

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Leaders from Y Combinator Alumni

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Leaders from Orange DAO

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Activities - Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley Activities

Form - Carmel Valley

Choose your adventure in Carmel Valley

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