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How I Built My Zoom/ClubHouse Video & Audio Stack

I host several conferences/chats every month as the founder of the YC Alumni group (3,500+ tech founders & $300B in valuations) and the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders ($10B Valuations & $120B to invest). Hosting two of the most influential and exclusive groups of tech founders and leaders in Silicon Valley is very exciting and it’s even more fun when you have a great Zoom video conference stack/setup.

Many colleagues have asked me to share my Zoom/ClubHouse Video & Audio Stack setup, so I decided to write this blog.

One of my recent guests was Jeff Lawson (Founder & CEO of Twilio [$64B]) and his Zoom setup was extraordinary. I asked him about it and he happily shared his Zoom stack, which he researched and tested endlessly to perfect.

Following his recommendations, I also ended up in the inevitable wormhole, spending tens of hours of research and tests. I’ve found the best setup for me, and in this link you’ll find my complete Zoom Video Conference Stack/Setup.

Credit goes to Jeff Lawson (Founder & CEO of Twilio [$64B]) & Garry Tan (Y Combinator).

My light and mounts setup was inspired by Caleb Pike.

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