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The 'Superhuman' for Web3 

4,000+ founders with over $600B in aggregate valuations 

$16B in founder exits & $120B to invest 
40 American LatinX founders running billion-dollar tech companies by 2040



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Ricardo is the founder & CEO of ILUMA, the 'Superhuman' for web3 communities ($2.5M raised) . ILUMA gives you the superhuman ability to filter out the chatter and noise of Discord, saving you countless hours by easily providing you with the most important information and insights.

Ricardo is a founding governance committee member of the leading and most influential tech DAO in the world; the Orange DAO (1,300+ YCombinator alumni building the future of web3 & a $50M fund).

Previously Ricardo was the founder of VOIQ ($6M raised) backed by YCombinator and other top Silicon Valley investors, building Voice Conversational AI products.

Ricardo is the founder of two of the most influential private communities in Silicon Valley; the YC Alumni ($600B valuations & 4,000 top tech founders) and the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders in the US ($16 Billion in founder exits, $120 Billion to invest). He is a founding equity partner of Acrew Capital and active angel investor through his family fund, Nilo Ventures. Ricardo is an Aspen Institute tech fellow and an NYU stern innovation fellow. He was recently recognized as a Silicon Valley Top Diverse Tech 40 under 40. 

Prior to his two tech startups, Ricardo was an associate at the NYC Mayor’s office under Michael Bloomberg developing the technology roadmap for New York City. He also was campaign CTO to Mayor Angel Taveras; the first Latino mayor of the city of providence, RI.

Ricardo has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in politics from NYU. He is a member of the board of advisors of the World Policy Institute. Ricardo is also a consortium fellow, a Management Leaders for Tomorrow (MLT) fellow, and a Council of Urban Professionals fellow. He is also the former president of the Scarsdale Alumni Association and was recently a guest at the White House reception for latino leaders. Ricardo is also an Aspen Institute Latino Tech Leader.


featured events

Keynote: AI Voice and the Future of Work

Audience: 500 Silicon Valley

tech leaders

Ricardo gives a keynote speech at the Global Chatbot & AI Voice Conference on AI Voice and the future of Work to 500 technology leaders from the Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley.

AI Voice Insights with Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Audience: 2,000+ Chatbots Life community members

Ricardo shares his vision of AI Voice, how it will affect the way we run our businesses, and the top 5  Voice innovations that will have

the biggest impact on the way businesses function.

YCombinator Alumni Ben Horowitz a16z- Ri


Ricardo is the founder of the YC Alumni community ($600B in valuations & 4,000 alumni). He hosts the Off-The-Record Series where he invites the most successful founders and influential VCs as special guests. 




Ricardo is the founder of the American Latinx Tech Leaders group ($16B in founder exits, $120B AUM by VCs). They get together for an off-the-record conversation with the most influential VCs. 


Global Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Fostering a DEI Community as a Latin Leader - Power To Fly

Fostering a DEI Community as a Latin Leader - Power To Fly

Audience: 5,000 live

Oct 20, 2021

In this powerful discussion, Ricardo talks about how he, as Latin leader, is advocating for his community.

Panel: The Startup Match-up

Panel: The Startup Match-up

Audience: 10,000+ world-class CEOs, economists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders

Sep 30, 2019
San Diego, CA

Ricardo cohosts the Startup Match-up at L’ATTITUDE with Ebetuel "Beto" Pallares, who led the effort of matching latino founders with over $2.5M of capital deployed on stage and invested, alongside a great panel of Latino VCs.

Panel: LEAP Summit

Panel: LEAP Summit

Audience: Investors deploying billions of dollars in capital

Sep 27, 2019
San Francisco, CA

Ricardo shares his experience building VOIQ and discusses opportunities in technology and innovation across the Americas, alongside a panel of top Latino tech founders ($4B in aggregate exits and Billions in assets under management by investors).


VOIQ Voicebots saving lives by detecting covid cases over the phone 

november 23, 2020

Ricardo speaks about how the Colombian government is using VOIQ’s technology in their fight against Covid-19 by being able to diagnose millions of citizens in record time. He highlights the magic of conversational VoiceBots, how VoiceBots are currently being used by businesses and how they will be used in the future.

​How Voice Technology Can Help Your Business 

April 10, 2020

Listen to Ricardo talk about his journey into technology, why voice innovation is helpful for businesses, what it's like to pitch to investors, the data and feedback he's received from his users, and why he founded the Top 50 Latino Tech Leaders organization and what it entails.

The future of AI VoiceBots for Business

January 27, 2020

YCombinator backed VOIQ is leading the $150b transformation from humans to conversational AI Voicebots for calling. Listen to Ricardo speak on how AI Voice is changing how businesses operate.




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